IntelTech Inc

Commitment to Excellence

About Us

IntelTech is an Information Technology and Consulting Firm providing training, development, and support in the areas of Database, Hardwares and Softwares for the US government agencies

IntelTech has been providing services that range from software analysis, design, development, and integration, to software maintenance of large data centers.  IntelTech also provides database analysis, design, ORACLE database administration and maintenance services

IntelTech provides engineering, development, and integration services related to advanced networking, Internet computing, information assurance, information management, and workgroup automation.  We promote innovation by supporting basic and applied research, facilitating technology transfer, and optimizing the use of advanced technologies and advanced commercial products.  We are committed to retaining quality staff, investigating new technologies and partnering with others to provide technical leadership to develop effective solutions for all clients.

Goals and Objectives

While providing customized software development and maintenance services to our existing clients, we would expand our services in the area of new application packages where the customers require installation, configuration and support to stay competitive.

IntelTech is committed to provide services to your organization to enhance the quality of your processes and decision-making and to help you to attain optimum success.  IntelTech offers innovative, high-quality, and cost-effective solutions to your critical problems.  We are dedicated to deliver fast, positive change from your project’s inception to its completion that will generate growth in efficiency of operations. Our success is measured by yours.

IntelTech's management personally gets involved with the project to assure you get the best, personalized and customized service. Our staff differentiates by committing itself to understand and meet clients needs from inception of the project to long after project’s completion until customer is fully satisfied.  We provide experienced developers who have been successfully coping with maddening technology complexity. We try hard to offer simple and less complex solutions.  We assure that knowledge transfer is properly handled with minimal business disruptions when we come and leave.

IntelTech is committed also to assure clients with innovative strategies to solve their latest information technology challenges. Our work is backed with our guarantee of complete satisfaction. We are dedicated to serve you and provide you with joy, happiness, pride and peace of mind.